Enjoy the beauty of blonde highlights on your burgundy hair and dare to try something you’ve never tried before. After you’ve washed the bleach off, apply the platinum blonde toner. The sparkling strands of the shade are sure to offer you a whole new meaning to your personality. Now, the highlights are somewhat of an additional burden. Style it straight using a styling brush. 7 Beautiful Burgundy Hairstyles with Blonde Highlights, Brazilian Blowout Guide: The Process, Pros and Dangers, Before & After Blowout Photos, 50 Lively Short Box Braid Styles for Any Woman, Most Popular Celebrity Hairstyles in 2020. This will depend on how well you follow the tips above, and how dark the burgundy color you chose is. If you want to make this wavy bob style even better, remember to give some waves to your hair to really make it look bigger and with more texture. Blow dry your hair and style your bangs outwards and the rest of the hair inwards using a styling brush. Burgundy highlight is the best recommendation for black hair.Since the black hair with burgundy highlight means you have chosen in-between color, that will be the solution when you do not know whether you want to sport red or purple tones.. Burgundy Hair with Highlights in Maroon. Again, this is a very low maintenance burgundy highlighted hairstyle that can bring a lot of volume to people with thin hair! Section the part of hair around the bangs and tie the rest using a hair band. So girls have this style with a bright colored lipstick. Create a colorful contrast in your light brown hair by choosing deep burgundy highlights. Spray the curls with hairspray so that their shape is maintained longer. Long Burgundy Hair with Blonde Highlights A lot of women love light colors but do not want to look like so-called classic blondes in pink dresses and with pink lipstick. Instagram / @amandageissler_ #3: Bright Burgundy Locks. Such an eye-catching color combination is a wonderful idea for the women who wish to create natural shimmer and gloss in their hair using only two rather similar shades. Soft Highlights with Straight Bangs. The short blunt bob cut with the very big curls will give your hair the depth that it really needs. This technique ensures your hair color looks vivid and stylish at all times. Source. Be brave and try experimenting by, for instance, bleaching just the part around the bangs and dying it blonde. Use a hair straightener to curl your hair into gentle waves. 2. We have curated a list of 7 most unique blonde highlights ideas for burgundy hair. Doing burgundy highlights it’s very similar to doing regular ones, but with some extra steps. Meanwhile, if you have a more pale skin tone, then you might want to go for lighter burgundy shades, almost red tones since these ones will bring some color to your skin instead of making it look paler than what it really is. Following are the most trendy burgundy hair highlights ideas for women to rock this season. Let the color develop, wash your hair, hydrate, dry it down and you’re done. If you have warm brown hair, opt for a golden blonde and gingery auburn. Many women are scared of getting burgundy hair with highlights because they think it won’t look good with bangs, but this is a lie! Highlights for blonde hair and blonde highlights themselves are a bit trickier, but you can totally achieve this look with a bleach or super light blonde color. 1. Have a look to get inspired. Saved by Kimberlee Kroeker. They go beautifully with blonde hues. This spectrum represented by the combination of dark burgundy roots, a coppery transition, and natural, blonde lowlights will make your head spin and you will be in love in no time. Cool burgundy hair color shade. We also recommend you to use a shampoo and hair conditioner specially made for red dyed hair since that will slow down the natural fading to happen. Now, the process for burgundy highlights on black hair is similar in most parts, but you do have to bleach your hair first in order to be able to apply the hair color. Tease the hair on the top of your head a little bit to achieve volume. The great thing about the burgundy … Especially if they are thin and dense, making the overall impression of blonde hair with the red tones just piercing through and making this combination breathtaking. It’s no secret that burgundy highlights won’t look the same on everyone, but that doesn’t mean they’ll look bad on you. 45. Many women are scared of getting burgundy hair with highlights because they think it won’t look good with bangs, but this is a lie! On the other hand, if your hair is very long and thick, and your blonde highlights are chunky, some relaxed curls will make the hair look gorgeous. When your hair is long, voluminous and healthy, your possibilities are endless. The heavily bleached hair in combination with heat from hair straighteners and curling irons will leave your ends split and dead if you don’t take care of them. Subtle burgundy highlights on brown hair look really good because they naturally blend in with the brown color while still bringing light and more depth to the haircut itself. Comb through it afterward so that the curls look more natural instead of looking one-dimensional and stiff. If you really like this subtle mix of black and red, you can try subtle burgundy highlights or balayage on black hair for a similar effect. Wavy Or Straight Hair on Which Burgundy Highlights Look Best? If looking for a way to incorporate any burgundy hues to your style, this is a chic one that you’ll love! The blonde bangs will frame the face in an unusual, yet flattering way. credits: Fashionisers. Like we previously said, burgundy highlights look incredible on brown hair because they’ll naturally blend in with your hair color, but when you curl it into soft beach wave perms, the burgundy really pops out, adding volume and texture to your hair. Beautiful burgundy hairstyle with blonde highlights. We hope you get to try some of the looks we mentioned, and that you enjoyed this little segment! While the base is a rich purple burgundy shade, the undertones are blonde. Simply gorgeous! In this case, the technique used to achieve these blonde highlights is very unusual, so tying the hair into a ponytail brings out the full shine of the platinum blonde part of the hair. Dare To Go Wild With Dark Red Balayage. Watch The Following Video to Learn How to Do Burgundy Highlights on Dark Hair. Then tie your hair into a high messy ponytail. If you have burgundy hair and you decide to get blonde highlights, be prepared and know that that will require constant maintenance.

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