Give Instagram permission to post to your Page by following these instructions on your laptop or desktop computer using a web browser: If you’re still having trouble posting from Instagram to Facebook from your mobile device, the final thing to try is clearing the app cache on your device. If you follow it then retain the correct  photos from your backup folder in your PC, flash drive, SD card, or memory card etc. Using:Android + Facebook business page + Instagram business account, – Make sure the Facebook page is connected with your Instagram page from Facebook using your computer– Make sure you have both Instagram and Facebook apps installed on your phone– Open the Instagram app on the phone, sign out and make sure the home screen does not remember your account (if it does, remove the account from there)– Open the Facebook app on the phone and sign out– Go to phone settings and select “Applications”– For apps named “Facebook Services”, “Facebook” and “Instagram” repeat the following: * Click “Force Stop” * Click “Storage” and then “Clear Cache” * Make sure you do this for ALL APPS listed above– Open the Instagram app– On the login page, click “Sign in with Facebook” and sign in with an account that has permissions to administer the page that is connected with the Instagram account– After successful Facebook login, Instagram should ask if you want to continue as the “BusinessAccount”, continue as “BusinessAccount”– Go to Instagram app settings -> click “Account” -> click “Linked Accounts”– Facebook should show as connected now -> we don’t want that -> click “Facebook” -> click “Unlink Account”– Kill the Instagram application once again on the fly (just open the Android apps view and kill it there)– Open the Instagram app again -> you should be now logged in automatically– Go again to Instagram app settings -> click “Account” -> click “Linked Accounts”– Facebook should NOT show as connected now -> click “Facebook” -> wait a while -> a popup appears where you can click “Start sharing on Facebook” -> click that– The popup disappears and YOU WILL NOT SEE A BLUE CHECKBOX -> don’t care about that– Now close Instagram settings -> go back to the home view -> make a new post– The “Share on Facebook” should show up as checked, Timeline About Friends Photos Archive More, Click on the More and at the bottom should be Instagram, Click on Instagram and it will take you to your Recent Posts from Insta. I can see the photos on Instagram, but no photos show on FB. Please reload CAPTCHA. You have to connect your business page in instagram settings. Grey box in photos or greyed-out photos problem can be easily fixed by Jpeg Repair software. My issue is I have two side accounts on insta that I used to have linked to pages I manage on Facebook. Everything has been approved but the PUBLISH button is greyed out on the Facebook Shop Publishing page. Contact Us | Privacy Policy | TOS | All Rights Reserved. They were all linked through my personal page and I never had problems in the past – now they’ve unliked and when I try to go through and reset them Instagram tells me I can only have one account linked to Facebook (which is contrary to what their ‘help’ center says). Note: Due to changes by Facebook in 2018 aimed at protecting privacy, you can add personal Facebook profiles to … Your email address will not be published. How do I post two photos side by side on Facebook? One such feature is the cross-posting of media from Instagram to Facebook. Required fields are marked *. Anyone find the solution? 4 Facebook Timeline Settings to Revisit As Facebook forces Timeline onto users who have held out, here's a refresher on important privacy and account settings to change. English (US) Español; Français (France) 中文(简体) Hi Josh, I suggest you can try our software demo version and see the preview of your repaired files. IG only giving me options to share it Group pages i manage in Facebook. Select your audience (example: Public, Friends). It is very upsetting. Your storage media (hard drive, SD card, CF Card, memory card etc.) How do I log out of Facebook? Hi, Never found a solution to this. because i have the same issue. I had fix grey X problem with the help of your software. Since it is essential to link the Facebook and Instagram account, we … is logically or physically corrupted, Quickly repairs an unlimited number of photos at a time, Extracts thumbnails of severely corrupt photos, Supports all types of cameras and storage devices, Available for both Windows and Mac systems, Once the scan and repair process finishes, restart your PC. A lot of users have found that checking the link and sometimes resetting it is enough to get Instagram shares to Facebook working again. You can learn more about Timeline on Facebook, or you can read our post: The Ultimate Procrastinator’s Guide to Facebook Timeline for Brands. After I switched it back to a personal account I was able to link to my facebook account no problem. This simple solution can solve all kinds of problems with the apps individually, but it can also resolve issues with the integration between the two services.

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