Linking words provide greater cohesion by making it more explicit or signaling how ideas relate to one another. Linking words are very important both for written and spoken English. 1. Twitter. 8. linking words worksheets and online activities. 5. "I'll take some money with me just . Get more Perfect English Grammar with our courses. But contrasts: She likes hamburgers, but she doesn’t like cheese. Complete the answer to the Writing task below by choosing the correct linking words from the box and adding the relevant figures from the table. Promise me that you will phone me . Writing Task 2 | Linking Ideas, Writing Task 2, Writing ← Previous lesson. Although he is short-tempered, I like him. I waited for them till / until they came. Examples of linking words that connect two separate sentences or two clauses: ♦ Note: If linking words start a sentence, they are followed by a comma. He went to work being ill. Jake couldn't sleep he was very tired. When they are used to connect two clauses, a semi-colon is used at the end of the first clause, and a comma is often used after the linking word(s). 6. [GRAMMAR] By. Linking words to connect parts of sentences together. Free interactive exercises to practice online or download as pdf to print. And adds two things together He plays basketball and football. CON015 - Linking Words and Connectives - English Grammar Exercises. She talks she knows everything. 15286. 2. 1. Linking Words and Phrases Exercise 3. Welcome! Exercise 1. He watched a film, but he didn’t enjoy it. Choose the best words for the gaps in the sentences below. CON004- Linking Words - English Grammar Exercises. Rewrite the following passages filling in the blank spaces with suitable linking words from the lists given at the end of each passage. Share this Advertisements. Facebook. Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers. 2. Pinterest. CON015 - Connectives and Linking words Gap-fill exercise. or or or Q1 of 10 We can go out to dinner _____ we can have a pizza delivered, _____ I'm not cooking. Follow these links for exercise 1 and exercise 2. CON004- Linking Words Gap-fill exercise. I am as strong as you are. One of the most wonderful inventions of modern times is television. Anastasia Koltai-January 16, 2020. Welcome to Perfect English Grammar! 7. 3. Brian is good at maths his sister is good at science. Linking Words are words or phrases that show the relationship between paragraphs or sections of a text or speech. I had a pizza and watched a film.. He was so tired that he could barely stand. Use the "Hint" button to get a free letter if an answer is giving you … you get to the airport. The table below gives information about the daily cost of water per person in five different countries. Jim doesn’t like science or maths. These are some example of linking words: I will lend you my car whenever you need it.Take an umbrella in… As men sow, so shall they reap. Answers. This interactive exercise gives you more experience using linking phrases and words in context. Linking Words Exercise 2 (Reason) Review linking words of reason here. Choose the correct linking words ! Complete the sentence with a linking word(s). (Figures are based on the minimum daily requirement per person of 11.5 litre.) Having lost a large sum of money, he gave up speculation. ️[QUIZ] Linking Words Quiz & Answers ›› TEST YOURSELF! Download this quiz in PDF here. I'm Seonaid and I hope you like the website. Cohesive device or Linking words Exercises. Sample My husband got the job, ____ he didn't have as much experience as the other candidates. 4. Try these exercises to practise them. 6. It is certain that he will be late. WhatsApp. 1. Grammar exercise. Or links two negative things: I don’t like carrots or peas. Exercises: Linking Words. That he will waste his time is certain. 9. Need more practice?

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