FREE Shipping by Amazon. However, in the midst of the festivities, Sumu stings Simba's tail and then banks a hasty retreat as Simba collapses to the ground. Instead of being angry, Simba laughs and comments that no one delivers a peace message quite like King Sokwe. Bunga offers to carry the gourd that will hold the ash, but when he almost breaks it, Rafiki orders Makini to accompany the team. Kion apologizes to Bunga, who immediately forgives him, admitting that he is good at being annoying. The two groups engage in a fight, during which the Lion Guard manages to chase away all of Makucha's minions. Fuli and Bunga work together to scare Nne and Tano away from Hakuna Matata Falls. From there, he overlooks the Pride Lands and spots an even taller tree across the savanna. He then goes to show Kion, only for Kion to suddenly snap at Bunga in anger, frightening him. Of these spots, she has five rectangular spots with smaller spots within them, as well as three spots on either side of her face, three on the top of each ear, and a small heart-shaped spot on her head. Beshte warns the team that they must rescue the zebras quickly, else the sun will dry the mud faster, and Kion decides to use the Roar of the Elders to make a rainstorm to loosen the mud. This time, they're attacking the baboons who have started following Ma Tembo's herd. Let's go, buffalo! Fearing for Bunga and Hamu's safety, Fuli and the Lion Guard charge off to rescue them. In the Pride Lands, Bunga assists his uncles, Timon and Pumbaa, in decorating an acacia tree with colored gourds. Fuli and the Lion Guard continues on their patrol, and save Laini and two other galagos who are trapped in a tree. Kifaru then sings "Tickbirds and Rhinos", in which he explains the partnership between the two species. The Lion Guard is rescuing an infant gazelle whose hoof is stuck under a large rock. He gathers the team together and attempts to show them the Roar of the Elders, but all that comes out is a squeak. Later, he returns to his team and admits it is his fault that they cannot enter the Tree of Life. Hafifu and Majinuni encourage the Lion Guard to play with them, and Kion allows the team a brief break in the snow. In the meantime, Fuli leaves on her own to collect the tuliza. Ma Tembo and the other Pride Landers depart, but Fuli and the Lion Guard linger to inspect the stripped tree. Fuli agrees that she would do the same as Mwenzi. On the way home, Mtoto questions whether the Zimwi can be real or not, and Kion points out the ludicrousness of a creature having eight legs. [3] She can be sarcastic and fairly short-tempered, often saying "Seriously?! Fuli and Kion resolve to find the mother of the hammerkop egg left in Ono's nest. The Lion Guard of the Pride Lands (formerly)Pride Landers (formerly)Night Pride Impatient, Kion decides to use the Roar of the Elders on the mountain in order to blow a hole through it. As the Guard departs, Makuu the crocodile realizes that Kion is afraid of using the Roar, and he decides to make his move against the Pride Lands. However, it is too late, as the waters recede from the island, then come back as a tidal wave. In a panic, they flee the ravine and startle the gazelles, who begin to gallop about the clearing. Eventually, they topple off the cliffs and land in the water below. Reirei and her family plot to attack a herd of zebras. Mama Binturong declares that every tuliza flower belongs to her and that she will never let another animal have any ("You Best Not Mess With Mama"). She reminds him that it seemed as though Janja couldn't wait to be rid of him, and Ono agrees, but Kion decides that they should at least give Dogo a chance. Fuli is a female cheetah. Scar then calls his army forward, and they corner the Lion Guard at the edge of the lava. However, at Bunga's insistence, she reluctantly begins to "frolic and romp" behind a line of zebras, joining in on the festivities. He then warns Kion that there is no other way around the rocks and that the storm is closing in fast. Unfortunately, the roar is too loud for Kion to hear her pleas, as Kion breaks the ridge, causing large amounts of water to rush through. Not long after this, Beshte rushes up to his friends and reports that Janja has been spotted on a ledge overlooking a herd of zebras in the Pride Lands. Just in time, the Lion Guard arrives, and Kion uses the Roar of the Elders to force Nne and Tano away from the herd. He adds that Kion has truly mastered the Roar, but Kion counters that he is no longer the leader of the Lion Guard. Ullu warns the Night Pride about the army's attack, and they rush to the Tree of Life, only to be shut in by a giant rock pushed by Ora and his minions. Anga spots a patch of tuliza past a nearby sea. Though the list is vast, the team decides to split up in order to cover more ground and gather the necessary components quickly. At this point, the rest of the Guard is seen walking through a bamboo orest before coming  across a group of lemurs led by Kely fighting a panda bear named Heng Heng. Her ears are partially rimmed with brown, and a small stripe of brown runs down her muzzle to the tip of her nose. With no option left, Kion uses the roar carefully to blow away Scar's army, and the Lion Guard makes a quick escape. Fuli and Kion brace against Janja and Goigoi. After meeting with Simba atop Pride Rock, Dhahabu is escorted on a tour around the kingdom by Kiara, Tiifu, and Zuri. Once on solid ground, Nala thanks Kion for saving her life, but he laments having nearly lost her. Sure enough, the eggs are swept away by the mud, and the Lion Guard rushes to save them. Presently, the Lion Guard overhears Beshte crying "Twende Kiboko", and they rush ahead. They see that Janja and his clan are dropping rocks on Beshte, who is trapped in a pit. Fuli and Kion attempt to catch Beshte's scent, but to no avail. Fuli leads the Lion Guard in freeing Bunga from the fallen rocks, while Kion wanders off on his own. Fuli hushes the honey badger, reminding him how much Ono likes Hadithi. Just then, Mtoto the young elephant approaches with the Lion Guard's baobab fruit. The Lion Guard watches questioningly as Bunga is honored by the red pandas. Back in the Pride Lands, Bunga leads the Lion Guard into an area of dense jungle. At that point, the four friends see the egg cracking and realize it's hatching. Bunga starts to place a comforting paw on Beshte, but the hippo reacts with pain and realizes that his skin had been burned by the sun. Though loathe to travel so far, Fuli begrudgingly sets out to return the baby baboon home. Kulinda begins to frantically call for her baby, and the baby hammerkop follows her mother's cries to Ono's nest, where the two finally meet each other for the first time. Zira, the leader of the Outsiders, had insisted that her son, Kovu, be king since he was Scar's chosen heir, but Simba had asserted that Scar was not the true king. Despite Tamaa's impressive skill, Kion remains unimpressed and makes Tamaa promise to only use his own voice from now on. He then introduces the team to his float's newest member, Hodari. Dawnmil 645,599 views. To this, Askari reminds him that the Tree of Life needs the Roar's protection as well. Fuli rebukes Bunga for asserting that Kion is turning evil. Meanwhile, Bunga and Kion confront Janja, while Beshte pushes a boulder down for the klipspringers to use as an escape. This worries Kion, who decides that the team should practice climbing while Bunga is away. Rani gives the Lion Guard a tour of the territory, which includes a variety of habitats. Though at first friendly, Tenuk panics at the mention of tuliza and flees into the underbrush. Infant Fuli and the Lion Guard encounter the spirit of Scar. Before both teams can fight, though,  Laini rushes into the lair and tells both Lion Guards that there's an emergency at Mbali Fields. The bigger leopard continues to taunt Badili until Badili takes a deep breath and declares that he is not afraid. When Ono tries to stop him he stutters with his wording, so Fuli explains how Kion usually takes the right path. However, just as they've entered the Outlands, Muhimu begins to go into labor, and Kion is forced to make a difficult choice. In the midst of the attack, Ono attempts to find the source of the fire sticks, but the high altitude forces him to return to the ground. Though Fuli is annoyed, the rest of the Lion Guard shares in a hearty laugh. Along the way, she gets lost in a network of canyons and encounters a mysterious cheetah named Azaad. The Lion Guard rushes to Pride Rock, following the sounds of Tiifu and Zuri yelling for help. The Guard thank him for his suggestion and race off to the grounds. Fuli rebukes him again, and the team continues on its way. Shocked, Kion quickly dispels the water away with the Roar. Zazu acknowledges his part in saving Kion, then carries on with delivering his Morning Report. Although Fuli is a cub, she can run as fast as an adult cheetah. She uses her gift of speed to assist animals in need, and will not always wait for the rest of the Guard to come along. Kion explains that he and his friend, Ono, have come for healing. The Fuli and the team take chase, but in the midst of his escape, Goigoi accidentally falls halfway into a pit, and Fuli and the Lion Guard gather around him. In the meantime, Fuli returns to the team with the baby baboon, who is clinging to her affectionately, and is instructed by Kion to take him to Nyani Grove, where the baboons live. With the galagos riding on Beshte's back, the Lion Guard proceeds to the galagos' tree, where they see the leopard resting in its branches. Just then, the Lion Guard overhears Janja, and they follow his voice to where a drongo named Tamaa sits perched in a bush. Later, the Lion Guard worries over what is keeping Kinyonga. Fuli expresses irritation at their latest task, finding branches for Hadithi's ceremonial nest. They were both members of the Lion Guard, a group of animals who are sworn to protect The Pridelands as well as the circle of life. The lion guard Fuli past Fanfiction. After Tupp's departure, Kion decides to go back the way they had come. She returns to Jasiri, only for the clan to be set upon by Janja, Kiburi, and Reirei. She is shown to be able to calm Kion down, and treats him with gentleness and respect. This causes Kion to recall Askari's statement that only one who can let go of the Roar can truly master it. No sooner have they finished griping when a flash flood forces the herds to race to higher ground. The Lion Guard drinks, and Makini washes off enough tuliza for Kion to have a dose. After the show, Fuli and the Lion Guard approach Uroho and congratulate him on an entertaining show. Scar sends Mzingo and his parliament after the Lion Guard, and the vultures nearly wrestle the gourd from Makini. The Lion Guard approaches questioningly, and a red panda named Dughi explains that a Chosen One was destined to fall from the sky and defeat the Ghost of the Mountain. At first, the team cannot decipher where the unstoppable force is, but then Kion realizes that it is their reflection - or the Lion Guard itself - that is the unstoppable force. However, as Bunga begins to bounce on the branch to weaken it, Nyuni the weaver angrily reveals his presence and explains that his nest lies at the end of the branch. In Season 1-2, Fuli and the rest of the Guard continue their battles with Janja and his clan, through they also have to deal with other villainous animals such as the new crocodile leader Makuu (until he reformed), a pack of jackals led by Reirei, a leopard na… As the hyenas scurry away, Kion takes chase, yelling at the rest of the Lion Guard to calm the herd. Fuli questions the relationship between rhinos and tickbirds. Ono, Kulinda, and Ona then start to use a bonding dance, which Fuli finds to be adorable. Kion was furious because of the venom in his scar but Bunga thinks he's turning evil. Together, the Lion Guard and Jasiri fend off the Outsiders and corner them against a wall of the pit. She witnesses Makini fetching tuliza from her Bakora Staff, and orders her porcupine minions to steal the staff for her. Along the way, Makini chatters with Anga about the Tree of Life and reveals that many sick animals journey there for healing. Badili passes every test, and the Lion Guard expresses their confidence in his newfound determination. Just then, Ullu arrives and warns Rani that Janna wants to see her, Kion, and the rest of the Night Pride immediately. Just before they can check on Ushari and the cobras, Ono flies in, proclaiming that they have to see what's going on at Hakuna Matata Falls. While lounging at Hakuna Matata Falls, the members of the Lion Guard content themselves by watching Bunga perform several dives into a pool at the base of the falls. Bunga notes that there are trees everywhere, and Fuli asks if he's only just noticing this now. The two realize that they have found Kongwe, and Makini informs her that Simba desires her presence at Pride Rock. That night, Ono marks the mud at Pride Rock with his own talons, and Hadithi admits that it had been Ono who had taught him, not the other way around. Still dripping with dramatic flair, Reirei pleads for a second chance until Simba steps forward and roars, frightening the jackals into running away. Vitani argues that she should lead the Lion Guard, as she is the sister of the future king, but Kion argues that, as the future queen's brother, it is his duty to lead the Lion Guard. Bunga comments that Fuli must be glad to be rid of the baby baboon, but after a moment, Fuli turns back to Mapango Cliffs and wistfully says, "Baboons. ", "It's times like this we really need Bunga.". Fuli glares at Kion knowingly, to which he replies that he knows what she's thinking. However, as they are delivering them safely back to Laini, Beshte informs them that the fire is not being put out fast enough. Kion blames the dry season for Janja's odd behavior, and the two groups depart. The Lion Guard manages to lead Kifaru to Tamasha, but before he can take part in the activities, Ono arrives with news that Mwenzi is in trouble. Along the way, Kongwe marvels at a dead tree, which is clinging weakly to the side of the ravine. Fuli and Ono check on the status of the pangolins, just as Bunga rushes up, out of breath. Too late, Bunga falls off the cliff and only narrowly grabs on to a branch. However, once the Lion Guard departs, Janja leads his clan back into the kingdom, and the Guard rushes back to stop them. After hearing the two's stories, Rani decides that Heng Heng can have the bamboo stand when she is required to eat and that the lemurs can have it in-between those times. Scar decides to attack Makuu's watering hole since the crocodiles' alliance with Kion is fraying. As the Lion Guard fights them off, Makini bears Ono to safety. However, she is cornered among the flames by Janja, Reirei, Kiburi, and their respective followers. After leaving the canyon, Beshte befriends a clouded leopard named Yun Mibu, who is skilled at hanging from his feet. With the Pride Lands saved, the Lion Guard relaxes at a new water hole created by the floodwaters, where Fuli rests beside Kion. He tries to leave in order to settle the situation, but Simba orders him to let Fuli and the Lion Guard deal with the problem instead. After four tests, Ono declares both teams to be tied up with a score of 2-2, and it all comes down Kion and Vitani. However, Kion now knows that nothing can replace the Lion Guard working together as a team, not even the Roar. Kion X Kiara Part 1. The Lion Guard faces off with Makucha and Chuluun. Though Beshte seems close to winning, he soon begins to tire as he get sunburned. Fuli the lion guards fastest finds her parents murder and now dead now a orphan she thinks she all alone but one lion cub named Kion sets what life in the pride lands #lionguard Kion joins the rest of the Lion Guard and declares that their duty is to protect the Pride Lands. The skinks bank a hasty retreat, and Kinyonga explains that Scar plans to cut off the water source at Hakuna Matata Falls. The Lion Guard then relents and takes off to perform their latest duty. As a cub, most of Fuli's appearance is the same, except that she lacks the stripes on her head, and her spots are smaller and a lighter shade of brown. Fuli and the Lion Guard arrive at Ono's nest only to find it empty. Fuli displays her confident and strong-willed nature. Rani, though, makes it clear they've can't since they're patrolling around the clock keeping the Army at bay. However, both Lion Guards soon get distracted arguing over each other over what to do. The Lion Guard approaches Kion and declares that they are ready to return home. While Anga looks for tuliza, Bunga starts showing off by pretending to be thirsty, which disgusts Fuli. Domog questions if they had found the Ghost of the Mountain, and the team explains that Chuluun is behind the ghostly attacks. He laments being late for the first time, but the Lion Guard assures him that he is not to blame. Ono does as instructed, and Kion breaks the Lion Guard free. Kion is surprised that his parents have heard of Hadithi, and Nala explains that Hadithi is a hero to many animals on the savanna. The Lion Guard arrives in time to chase Makucha's army away, with Fuli and her allies confronting Makucha and Chuluun. The guard gets confused and Kiara tells Kion to go to Pride Rock. Seeing the disaster for what it is, Kion attempts to talk Bunga out of his idiocy, but the honey badger refuses to rejoin the Lion Guard. In certain situations, such as when Kion is absent, she displays a sense of firm authority. The hyenas and jackals eventually retreat. Bunga jumps into the waters despite Ono's objections, only to find out too late that the water is salty, much to Bunga's disgust. Too late, the rocks fall, separating the Lion Guard from their charges. In the middle of their journey, they encounter a booming sand dune, or a sand dune that makes a hollow, echoing noise when bounced on. Unfortunately, this doesn't solve the problem, instead making Kion the only thing holding the water in place for the time being. Ono is called forward to help spy out a new water hole for the crocodiles, but while overlooking the Pride Lands, he sees that Makuu's followers have invaded the water holes. Together, Fuli and Ono catch up to the gazelles, and Fuli orders Ono to speak with Swala, the leader of the gazelles, while she calms the ostriches. This way! Before he can wreak havoc on the Flood Plains, he stops himself from roaring, and Nala calls for him to trust himself. Once at the sinkhole, Bunga foolishly jumps in, and the Lion Guard deliberates how they can free him and Simba. Bunga requests an imitation, and Fuli orders him to focus. Fuli expresses concern over the force of Reirei's and Janja's combined attacks. He then realizes that he can ask his father for help, and he takes off to speak with Basi, while Ono leaves to warn Kion of the situation. However, Chuluun rolls around in the snow to mask herself once more. But they didn't know that their dreams were vision from the … Ono volunteers to talk to the intruder. Both Pride Landers deny having seen Zazu since their earlier entanglement, and Kion orders his team to track Zazu through other methods. While he sends Beshte, Fuli, and Ono ahead to keep leading the herds, he and Bunga stay behind to help Muhimu give birth. Kion apologizes to the snow monkeys and vows to find them a new home as repayment. Ono shouts that Kifaru doesn't know where he's going because he doesn't have his tickbird, and darts in front of the rhino, warning him to keep back. This reminds her that the song requires baboons to take part, and so she recruits the three to be involved in the show. With Rafiki in the lead, the Lion Guard ventures to Rafiki's tree, where they find Makini having a bug-eating competition with Chama, Furaha, and Mzaha. Kion demands to know what his friends had been doing, but he is interrupted when Ono spots a shortcut through the trees. Diamond White At last, the Lion Guard reaches the inner volcano, where Makini places a pinch of the ash in her gourd. On their way to meet Bunga, the Lion Guard runs into Mama Binturong. After Fuli and Kion obtain her scent, they race away. He then tells Mjomba that he needs the rest of his pack to return home, since the Pride Lands have become infested with termites. Fuli retorts that it was. Ono gives the signal, and Kion roars into the trees, clearing them all of their branches. Fuli relents and takes off, just as Hadithi lands next to Ono. Ono is about to settle down in his nest when he feels Kulinda's egg and realizes that a hammerkop has left an egg in his nest. When Mwenzi lands on Beshte's back, Bunga tackles him to the ground and holds him hostage while the rest of the Lion Guard gathers around. That's it. Though Fuli and the rest of the Lion Guard attempt to reassure him, Ono refuses to accept their comfort and goes before Makuu to apologize. They explain that Rafiki's paintings predict the future and that one of them showed Kion falling from a tree. They wonder what the source of the stampede is and look up to see a harrier hawk circling overhead. The battle pauses when Scar appears in the flames and threatens to overtake the entirety of the Pride Lands. Ono points out that this will benefit the Circle of Life, and Kion reluctantly agrees to let the hyenas stay in the kingdom. The Night Pride arrives, only for the Lion Guard to take over the shift and defeat the army, with Fuli defeating Chuluun. Just in time, the Lion Guard fights them off, and Kion uses the Roar of the Elders to blow the flock away. Before they can launch their rescue, Thurston reappears, asking for directions, and the Lion Guard frustratingly points him in the right direction. After the close call, Fuli looks to the skies, hoping that Anga finds some tuliza soon. Fuli and Bunga work together to defeat Fahari. Presently, Fuli and Kion track Mwenzi's scent to a tree. Ushari doubts Scar's plan, but Scar reassures him that he is always two steps ahead. Kion finally tells Bunga that he should cease giving out advice. Simba questions his son as to why Christmas is so important, and Bunga explains that he wants to make up for his uncles' good deeds over the years. Fuli can be impatient, and does not like to wait around. After persuading the baby baboon to continue traveling with her, Fuli has nearly reached Mapango Cliffs when she spots Mzingo and his flock circling overhead. Kion apologizes to her and implores her to accept Ono for healing. Later, Fuli attends Kion's wedding to Rani at the Tree of Life. While walking the Pride Lands, the Lion Guard frees an ostrich with her head in the sand, and she explains that she'd been advised to do so by Bunga the Wise. Makuu insists that whoever is leading his float has defied a direct order from their leader. Bunga tells Ono that Boboka and her son have already entered the Flood Plains, and Ono panics that they will get lost in the reeds. Beshte hurriedly rushes back to the water and resolves to make a new hippo lane, one that will help the sable antelope reach the other side of the Flood Plains. Across the Pride Lands, the Lion Guard attempts to save a pair of hippopotamuses and Zito the elephant from dry lightning. Fuli hears his cries and races back to help him. Realizing this is the end, Rani thanks the Lion Guard for their help defending the Tree, saying she considers them all members of her pride, placing her paw on their shoulders as she says goodbye to each of them. As acheetah, her position on the team is the Fastest in the Pride Lands. While there, they witness Makuu challenge Pua, the leader of the crocodiles, to a mashindano. Eventually, the herds make it to a canyon, but Muhimu loses patience and begins to charge down the canyon with her herd. His distress deepens when Ono notifies him that a herd of sable antelope is waiting to cross to the other side of the Flood Plains. After the departure of Bupu, Nyuni, and Zazu, Fuli critiques Zazu's nosiness, to which Kion reminds her that it is part of his job to know the business of the Pride Landers. In answer, the Lion Guard drops hints to Dhahabu that she can be a good leader by fighting back, and Dhahabu quickly takes action, knocking over Makucha and kicking him into the dam. In repayment for their past crimes, the troop agrees to hand out food to the Pride Landers. Out of pure reflex, Ushari bites him, and the Lion Guard proceeds to panic over the venomous bite. As the herds set out, the storm breaks over the canyon, and the combined herds begin to complain about Kion's leadership. Back at the beach, the Lion Guard continues to protect Kion from the flamingos, with the two flamingo girls at one point mimicking Anga after mistaking her cawing for a cool dance, frustrating her. Fuli adds that Zazu had saved her life, and Kion reminds Zazu of how he had saved him and Bunga from the crocodiles all those seasons ago. Just in time, Ono steps in to halt Kifaru, impressing the rest of the Lion Guard. Kion questions Kulinda as to why she had left her egg in Ono's nest, and she explains that she has been building a new nest in preparation for her egg hatching. Reirei then changes strategy, and the jackals begin to pelt Fuli with the curled-up forms of the pangolins. They follow the stars to a series of cliffs, confirming that Makini's memories had been right all along. At first, Kifaru is defensive, but he softens at the appearance of Beshte, who calms him long enough for the Lion Guard to free his horn from the tree. Later that day, Timon and Pumbaa are met by the Lion Guard, who sing "The Twelve Ways of Christmas" to them with their animal recruits. The moment the Lion Guard departs, he and his float attack Makuu, using Hodari's lessons to evade their attacks and seize an effortless victory. Kion suggests that Thurston accompany them to ward off any remaining flies, and the zebra agrees to his request. Though Fuli is reluctant to leave the Lion Guard, Kion reminds her that they must appease Dhahabu for the sake of the treaty, and she reluctantly agrees. (GRUNTS) (BELLOWS) KION: Beshte! Startled, the klipspringer hops safely to shore, and the Lion Guard rejoices in their victory. This is also why Kion chose her to be the second in command of the lion guard. Kion then bids them goodbye and leaves them to wait for Simba. Revealing they will ride the tree down the river, Kion uses the Roar to conjure up some storm clouds, briefly scaring Janja as he reveals he is scared of lightning, much to Jasiri's amusement. Fuli surveys the damage caused by Kion's Roar.

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