Hi Krystyn, This is the color scheme that Sherwin Williams lists for Agreeable Gray. Gray is a neutral color and can be easily blend with any other colors. However, the color brown when combined correctly with the right shades can be highly inspiring, cozy and super sleek. A good trim color is Extra White, which is a bright white color that goes with almost any paint shade. Feel free to use our choices as some inspiration for your upcoming flooring project! Sherwin Williams                                            Benjamin Moore. Green, on the other hand, is directly across from red on the color wheel and will provide a colorful balance to the room. If possible, continue the flooring throughout the space. The one common theme you’ll find is that all the wall colors are on the cool side and that’s what tends to work best for gray floors. They are cool and soothing and almost always go with gray flooring. But it’s quite different when it comes to flooring. First had a dark greige wall now a grey that matches the floor too well! Hoping that large white tub and white trim and vanity will break up Grey. Think sage or pale greens with gray mixed in. The grey takes away the warmth, while the green adds a touch of color to the room. Blues are my favorite choice with gray floors. I would go with the warmer brown beige. Or maybe a dark vanity and a nice area rug ???????? If you are still having trouble, I offer Color Consultations to help find the best color for your space. Benjamin Moore Sandy Hook Gray HC 108 Sometimes less is more with respect to color. This bathroom offers you a nice idea of how to combine gray and yellow properly in your color scheme. Visit a home supply store, and look for a laminate, tile, or vinyl flooring in a bright color. If your floors have a greenish cast to the gray and lean toward the cooler end of the color spectrum, add... Red-Gray. It is a great color to add to a black and white space to give an added dimension without compromise. If it has a grey or ashy tint, then choosing a grey paint with a slight undertone of another color can look relaxing and inviting. Go Green for a Beautiful Contrast. Instead, go for these colors: Go Cool with Blues. The finishes you select for your kitchen can have a big impact on the overall feel of the space and conveying the type of design you desire. Colour Carpet Goes Charcoal Grey Sofa Colour Carpet Goes Charcoal Grey Sofa 19. Whether you prefer subtle neutrals or boldly saturated hues, using color in your kitchen makes the room more personal and inviting. Cool and relaxing, blue easily complements grey flooring. A cooler color will offset the red in the flooring while still promoting an air of relaxation. felt pads, vent covers, Hardwood supplies e.g. Pinks and creams will soften a red-grey floor. I’ve got a clear finish on red oak floors, and honestly, they read orange to me. This cook space, for instance, combines farmhouse elements like the sink and the subway tile with dark slate floors. It’s always best to see the samples in real life and in your own lighting. When choosing paint colors to match cherry wood, consider the characteristic of its grain pattern, as well its color. Gray on concrete is a natural color and a staple on Industrial spaces yet it can also appear cold and distant. Usually if it’s a bedroom and has windows on 1 side, you would not choose that wall as so much is taken up by windows. Blues are my favorite choice with gray floors. Particularly in small rooms that don’t get a lot of sunlight. Related Tags: colors that go with light grey, Best colors that go with light gray, curtains that go with grey walls, floirind ideas gir light gray walls, light bray bedroom walls, prints on light grey walls, what color of wood floor goes best with light gray walls, what color one wall will look good with gray paint, what oloring beding goes good with lightgrey walls Mild Blue (SW6533) – This is a light and subtle blue. Also, the amount of light the room gets can make a big difference. To look quirky, go for dark grey floor (or even ebony). 11. It works equally well with oak and other wood tones (even dark mahogony!) Yet for many such living rooms that have white or gray walls with wood flooring, you wouldn’t necessarily describe it as a brown living room. Blissful Blue (SW6527) – The swatch below shows Blissful blue, and to the right, the lighter shade is Icelandic, and to the left, one shade deeper is Cosmos. Please note that some of this site’s links are affiliate links, and TheFlooringGirl.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. Navy. The Best Hardwood and Wall Color Combinations October 22, 2019. But be sure to stick with white whites or cool whites,  No yellow or pink/peach undertones. The most popular option for bathroom floors is grey slate tiles – durable, safe and good looking. Some green work well with gray flooring, especially the gray greens. as it … Just be careful of overtones. Keeping on with the cool theme of the gray floor using colors like mint green, teal or turquoise is a good idea. For a cool gray (but not too blue), I’d recommend Software (SW7074) or Web Gray (SW7075) if you want even darker. Think of the movie, “The Joy Luck Club” when one of daughters lives in a “home” like that – gray everything. But on to more stylish of lessons, what are some of the best colors to pair with gray when decorating the house? This color often gets labeled as boring and lackluster in a variety of different fields from interior design to fashion. Best Gray Couch Decor Ideas Pinterest Living Room Best Gray Couch Decor Ideas Pinterest Living Room Warm tones. Go with a bold color for a daring, bright kitchen floor. Dark floors: Some people love them, some people hate them. If off-white is too light for your taste, keep in mind that gray is also a neutral color. Alternatively you can use a white chair rail and do navy on the bottom third of the wall and navy on the top 2/3 (or vice versa). The availability of multiple wood paneling finishes has made it possible to install hardwood floors in a room with wood paneling. Your email address will not be published. Sometimes it’s perfect (especially with darker grays), other times it may look too washed out and similar to the gray flooring, so test them next to each other. Wish I’d read this before. In a living room, sometimes it works to do the accent wall where the windows are IF there is enough wall space, or on the wall with a fireplace. The 2nd solution is use some sort of wainscoting or bead board on the bottom and paint that with a semi gloss white and then use navy on the top part of the wall.

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