It is so commonplace, many do not even feel insulted when it is used on them. Used by almost everyone with a grasp of Yoruba and it basically means stupid. Once you're done with the Yoruba Phrases, you might want to check the rest of our Yoruba lessons here: Learn Yoruba. Traces of Arabic Words in Yoruba Language Apart from the borrowed words from Hausa to Yoruba language like means “leave the placeKai , gāni ” means “to see properly”, magaji means “heir/leader of a family” and host of others, there are still many words in Yoruba language which emanate from Arabic. The fruit Mulberry is called as Mulberry in yoruba Language . Please i need the names of echinacea and golden seal in yoruba language emoch : I have been researching the health benefits of various plants and herbs and most times I hit a wall because even as most of these plants are available in Nigeria, we don't know their names in our local parlance. In Nigeria and particularly with the Yoruba and Igbo people, nutmeg is used in cooking. Translate your sentences and websites from Yoruba into English. The fruit Orange is called as ọsan in yoruba Language . This is the translation of the word "broccoli" to over 100 other languages. Phrases and daily expressions have a very important role in Yoruba. It is added to soups or … This is a seed used as a spice for its fragrant / aromatic properties and recommended by my Erectile Dysfunction Doctor. →Yoruba keyboard to type a text with the special charaters of the Yoruba alphabet. Yoruba name: Ehuru. This is a list of fruits and vegetables in Yoruba.Knowing these plants can be helpful when shopping in a grocery store or even restaurant. Please find below many ways to say broccoli in different languages. We also provide free Yoruba-English dictionary, free Yoruba spelling checker and free Yoruba typing keyboard. Yoruba: A Grammar Sketch: Version 1.0 by Oluseye Adesola 1 General Information Yoruba is a Benue-Congo language spoken mainly in Nigeria by about 30 million native speakers. Its dialects include: Egba, Ijebu, Oyo/Ibadan, Ekiti, Don't forget to bookmark this page. The fruit Mango is called as Mango in yoruba Language . 3. Ironically, being called 'agbaya' will make you want to cry like a child. Ode is a classic. Ode. Yoruba Fruits & Vegetables. Saying broccoli in European Languages It is spoken in the western states of Nigeria. The fruit Papaya is called as Papaya in yoruba Language . Its loan words are mostly from Arabic, English, Hausa and Igbo languages. The fruit Musk Melon is called as Muskmelon in yoruba Language . Cayenne pepper popularly known as Ata gun gun in Yoruba language is a popular herb not only among the Yorubas but other cultures in Nigeria and the world at large. 4. Online free AI Yoruba to English translator powered by Google, Microsoft, IBM, Naver, Yandex and Baidu.

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