Ett harmoniskt liv

Beautiful affirmation cards that want to help you find harmony, joy and happiness in everyday life. Double-sided.

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The beautiful affirmation cards A harmonious life has been born from many years of work to find just that – a harmonious life. The cards want to inspire to find their own ways to find harmony, joy, happiness and meaning in everyday life.

Contents of the box: 36 affirmation cards with print on the front and back, an instruction and a holder in wood that holds all the cards. The cards are 11 x 11 cm of laminated cardboard.

Text & form: Carolina Gårdheim.

What are affirmations?
The word affirmation means affirmation or affirmation. Affirmations are a proven way to achieve desirable conditions. By repeating a positive sentence and adding to the feeling that it is truly true, it eventually becomes true. It sounds easy and it’s easy! And an effective way to become aware of and change their inner dialogue in a positive way.

An affirmation should be positive and worded without words like “not”, for the brain “does not” hear the word “not”. It should also describe a condition as if we are already there or a property as if we already have it. The brain cannot discern a thought and the reality – it thinks that what we are thinking is true … What possibility, right?

Examples of affirmations can be I feel safe and secure, I have all the support I need, I welcome love in my life, I live in abundance.

When we repeat the positive sentence many times and put a lot of emotion into the affirmation, it can lead to change. This is why affirmations have long been a popular tool in both the sports world and the business world to achieve results.

Heard from our customers
And Creative Insight’s affirmation card is great to program yourself with. You really know how they finally go straight into the soul and become truths ♥

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